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Intrusion Security Systems

Protect Your Family, Property & Assets From Intruders

Installations • Servicing / Repairs • Monitoring

Fact: There are more than 2,000,000 burglaries  that happen every year! In the United States, on a daily basis a home is burglarized every 15 seconds.

Burglar Alarms Systems are a great deterrent for protecting your family, home and assets.

postcard-4inx6inThe technicians at Silent Guardian have the experience and knowledge to install the proper burglar alarm system that will best fit your environment. Presently there are many options to choose from when deciding on an alarm system to keep you safe.

The various alarm sensors can detect vibrations, motion, forced opens, temperature, and even a flood. When your system is tripped, signals from the alarm panel will be sent to our UL Central Station immediately, where they will contact you and the proper authorities for help.

Silent Guardian offers a complete line of burglar alarm systems from a standard residential home solution to large scale customizable designs and installations.

Examples of a home security system typically include:

  • A specialized control panel to monitor all aspects of a home’s security features
  • Sensors placed on windows and doors
  • Panic buttons
  • Interior and exterior localized motion sensors (Pet Immune Sensors (pets under a certain weight will not trigger the alarm)
  • Visible yard warning sign and security window stickers
  • Lastly, Security Video Surveillance Cameras

Most burglars look for easy targets. Reliable studies indicate that homes without the protection of professionally endorsed Alarm Systems, increases the chances of a home invasion significantly.

It is wise to consult with Silent Guardian about a professionally monitored and customized security system for your own sense of home safety. When shady characters see that your home is being protected, they are apt to move on

Control Panels

Silent Guardian trusts the many years of success from Honeywell Systems.  All burglar alarm control panels have the ability to operate using wireless or hard-wired communication. These burglar alarm panels can be modified for both residential and commercial applications. There are a wide range of devices that can be connected to these control panels, providing you (the end user) a great amount of flexibility. Using a remote app (Total Connect for Honeywell Systems) can provide you the homeowner a way to view and control the status of the alarm system in your homes or businesses from anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand. We also have the ability to manage other major system brands with ease.

Cellular Modules

Cellular backup systems give us as security professionals the ability to provide homeowners a redundancy to traditional land-line outbound calling to central station. These modules communicate via AT&T or Verizon cell signals. For a space where hard-wiring isn’t an option using a cellular radio as your first source of communication now makes it possible for Silent Guardian Security to secure your premises.

Perimeter Sensors

Entry/exit sensors protect anything on the exterior of your home or business. For the most part that will be doors and windows. Entry/exit sensors are designed to work on almost any window or door, including French doors, double-hung, casement windows, and swinging or sliding doors. They provide immediate security if a door or window has been opened.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors will send a signal to the alarm system when unauthorized presence is detected moving. Motion detectors can be used as a powerful and reliable component in home or commercial security. There are various motion detectors that can be installed. There are standard motion detectors that work off movement but also motion detectors that are considered combo sensors that need more than one type of acknowledgement before the alarm is triggered, in most case heat and movement.  This prevents false alarms.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors protect your home or commercial property by detecting a vibration or the sound (frequency) of broken glass. Vibration and sound detectors provide an early warning of an attempted intrusion by breaking a pane of glass instead of forcing a window or door open. These sensors provide homeowners with enhanced security measures to deter potential burglars from gaining access to your space.

Panic Buttons

Panic buttons give an individual the ability to either trigger a siren or silently call for help immediately! Knowing you have a panic button will allow you to think clearly in a dangerous situation and react in the proper way. A few other reasons to use a panic button may be: if someone else is in danger, if a person you are with may have harmed or are threatening to harm themself or if there is a medical emergency.

Central Monitoring Services

Feel Safe Knowing Silent Guardian Is Watching Over You!

We offer Alarm Monitoring or Central Monitoring that provides services to monitor burglar alarm systems for both residential and commercial clients.

Our Central Monitoring Station uses an array of options to monitor your security system.   They include standard telephone, cellular and/or over the internet. Our staff is trained to monitor our customers’ security systems and call the appropriate authorities in the event an alarm signal is received. Our central monitoring facility is UL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories) and is the leader in monitoring services on the east coast.

You can also have the ability to monitor, arm and disarm your alarm system remotely via remote app. (Enabling the Total Connect feature if you are using a Honeywell System)

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