Build Your Own Home Theater Environment


Pre-wiring a project before the walls go up is so important. The average person understands that you can’t magically run wires when a room is finsihed, so having open walls to work with ensures we can deliver every item to our clients.


In most cases your television is the center piece of your space. Many people will design their rooms around the size and flow of the TV. Our professionals can help you to choose the most appropriate TV for your space and make the proper adjustments to make it perfect! (Ex. TV mounting, programming, input setup, etc.)


Sonos systems allow you to stream all of your music from just one app. You can play the same music in every room or split up each room into different zone. Whatever it is that you desire.

Universal Remotes

Having a universal remote can really change the outcome of a well-designed space. In the electronic world having a sleek and sexy remote to control all of the goodies you have installed is the “Icing on the Cake”. Giving you the ability to bring all of your devices together in perfect sync, while impressing your friends!


Picking the right speakers are always the hardest task. Start by choosing a center speakers, surround speakers and a subwoofer that work well with each other in performance and in aesthetic planning.


Amplifiers are the equipment responsible for powering the speakers. Depending on the kind of musical environment you’re trying to create will help you in choosing are amp.


Receivers were designed to be the core of your home theater system. They are the hub that controls all of the inputs and outputs. It also acts as a switcher and gives you ability to add many different products into one system.

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