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* Video Security System must include 8 or more cameras to qualify

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It is an established fact that over 65% of all burglaries can be avoided by implementing a Video Surveillance system.

Surveillance Tactics

If you ever have an incident that needs to be re-viewed, strategically positioning the most effective camera angles is a very important key factor.

IP - High Definition Camera

All of our Video Surveillance systems consist of 1080P HD Commercial Grade Equipment. We will provide you with the best QUALITY on the market .

Remote Monitoring

Being able to view your Security System from a remote location in real-time is very important. After all, the biggest part of having a surveillance system is to be your eyes when you’re away.

Viewing & Playback Features

Our dashboard & mobile app is one of the best in the industry. Navigating our system is very simple. Regardless if you’re not tech savvy, a simple tutorial will have you viewing like a PRO!

Features Of Remote Monitoring

In today's society being on-the-go is a way of life. So ofcourse being able to view your cameras from a smartphone or tablet is a must!

Monitoring Devices

All of our systems are remote ready! We integrate directly with the Android and Apple app stores where our apps are at your disposal. All apps display in real-time to give you a play-by-play of your home or business throughout the day.

Playback Capabilities

With our app you are capable of using the ``Playback`` feature to view an event that may have happened when you were away. Unlike many other camera brands that require you to be on a desktop computer to playback situations, with our system playback is in the palm of your hand!


Our systems have the ability to add multiple users for your convenience. Either create one master login for yourself and your family or create a unique username and password for each family member or employee. Each person is capable of having the remote monitoring app on their mobile device so everyone can monitor at their convenience.

Ease of Use

When the job is complete our technicians will give you a ``Crash Course`` on how to use and manage your new surveillance system. The interface is very user friendly, navigation is self-explanatory and managing is a breeze. It actually becomes a fun hobby to check your cameras when you know that the package that you've been patiently waiting for is due to arrive!

Our Concept of Surveillance

Our concept of surveillance is very different from many of our competitors. We strategically place cameras in a way that is aesthetically pleasing while having the mindset that if an incident would occur you would have the best coverage possible to secure your home.

Find Out Why We're Different

Our STRATEGIC approach to surveillance makes us a leader in the security industry. With over 20 years of experience we are confident in what are providing our clientele. All of our equipment is HD quality commerical grade giving you the best solution possible.

Commercial Grade Equipment 100%
Neatness / Hidden Wires 100%
Infrared Red Night Vision 100%
Mobile Capabilities 100%
Weatherproof Cameras 100%
Aesthetic Placement 100%
Field Of View 100%
Customer Service 100%

Why Not To Invest In A Wireless Surveillance System

Learn about the dangers & headaches of cheap DIY wireless security cameras!

Wireless may sound more convenient but they are not as reliable as you think. We constantly praise our age of technology but some things are better off “Old School”. A Video Security System is one of them.

With all of the new advances in the security industry, companies are coming out with many “WIFI” based video security solutions but they still have their downfalls.

Some issues you the client may encounter with a wireless security system are:

  1. Power Consumption: Wireless cameras are wireless in connection, but still are in need of a power supply.
  2. Range & Connectivity: The average range of a wireless camera is around 200 ft.
  3. Weather Issues: Weather can easily affect the signal of a wireless camera.
  4. Vulnerability & Security: WIFI systems can also be hacked and/or jammed.
  5. Hard Drive Space / Backing Up: Because your system is not running on a physical recorder platform most companies sell you on the convenience of a wireless camera but leave out important facts like having a local backup. You will most likely have the option to backup your cameras to an SD card or cloud server. This can become very pricy and not very efficient because neither solution allows for a sufficient amount of storage space.
  6. Resolution: When viewing the video at the highest resolution the frame rate becomes very low (Actual: around 12 fps / Real-time is 30 fps)

Note: Think about when getting DISH or DSL was the next big thing. And then the big game that you waited all week for came on and finally the weather man was RIGHT. Before you knew it, it begins to storm outside and your TV now has no signal and the game is ruined. Well this concept is no different than wireless cameras only now you’re risking your family’s safety and security.

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We’ll finance the system to you directly. Unlike most our competitors that will finance your system, they will have you finance through a loan company where the price of your system will more than likely double and before you have paid off your system the technology is already obsolete.

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