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Corporate Installations Have Been Developed To Protect Our Clients From External & Internal Threats

Custom System Designs

Our Silent Guardian professionals will conduct a detailed site assessment outlining what they have learned about your facility. Learning your facility and seeing the space’s vulnerabilities first hand will give us the ability to provide our clients with proper technical solutions.

Noise Masking Devices

  • Why it is important: It protects against parabolic and laser microphones from internal or external threats
  • How it works: (Creates a layer of noise between your office and the outside world or your office and the rest of the work place)

CCTV (Video Surveillance)

  • Why is it important: Employee accountability, employee theft, clean crews activities, etc.
  • How it works: (Entrance/Exit ways and any secure space should be monitored at all times documenting anyone enters or exits the space.) This will allow you to certify employees or unauthorized personnel that are in the space or trying to gain access into a secured space.

Access Control (Keypad Entry)

  • Why is this important: Can act as a time clock when employees need to scan in, you’ll know if authorized or unauthorized personnel are/were trying to gain access to space
  • How it works: (Entrance/Exit ways and any secure space will be locked and authorized personnel must have a unique code, access card, fob, thumbprint, etc. to enter space.) This will allow you to create an audit trial of all personnel authorized or unauthorized to gain access into a space.

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