Do You Know What The #1 Homeowner Complaint Is?

Weak WIFI throughout a home is the #1 complaint from homeowners. In an age of technology, we as business owners, shoppers, students, bloggers (for our social media lovers), and so much more expect to have internet at all times and everywhere -no matter what.The fact of the matter is most of the time the modem/router that your service provider has given you just isn’t strong enough to provide your home or facility with rock solid WIFI. If your budget allows, bringing in a professional to layout and design your space ahead of time is ideal. Being able to plan for future use of devices and other incidentals that may not have crossed your mind. This is where our Professional Design Team can make a difference in your home. With so many devices being dependant on WIFI today, setting up a proper network infrastructure from an early stage should be a must!

Upgrade Your Home WIFI to a MESH Network

What is a MESH Network?

A mesh network is a network where there is multiple wireless creating devices (nodes) installed throughout your residence that extends the signal past what a typical stand alone router can produce. This network is special for the reason that all nodes “mesh” together into the same given network. Taking on the SSID (Network name) and password of the main network, making it a seamless experience throughout your space. As you move throughout your residence the system will automatically pass off your devices (Smartphones, tablets, etc.) to the strongest node without you having to connect to a given extender manually.

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