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Pathway Lighting

Pathway Lighting is the use of small light fixtures along any path. The most common paths to illuminate are walkways, driveways and patios. When designing the placement of your path lighting be sure have place them out of the way from being kicked, tripped over, moved or run over by a lawnmower. Most importantly choosing a fixture that fits in with the style of your home. After all pathway lighting are the fixtures that will be most commonly viewed by your guests.

Spot and Accent Lights

Spot or Accent fixtures are primarily narrower beams of light. These fixtures are great for up and down lighting of house features, trees and other garden type structures. They give you the ability to be very precise in your aiming.

Flood and Well Lights

Flood and Well fixtures are usually housed in the ground and aimed up into the air projecting a wider angle of light. Because they are in-ground fixtures they are hidden from view. The bulbs are available in either a fixed or swiveling bulb. These fixtures are are great for under plants, at the base of a facade or wall and in water features.

Deck, Step and Brick Lights

Decks, Steps and Brick Lighting is a great way to make yourself and guests safely aware of dark levels changes. They offer an inviting glow into your space while enhancing your deck or patio steps. Providing a welcoming entrance that you can feel secure knowing your steps and staircases are brightly lit.

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